Seven Bretwaldas

Seven Hoards of Seven Kings
A Brief Intro

Seven mighty kings of the ancient world passed through the realm of the dead and were transformed into mighty dragons, sent back to guard their hoards of treasure and wonder. In every corner and reach of the land, a dragon sits, watching and waiting.

Once they walked the realms, conquering and plundering. They buried their takings in deep, dark caverns and pits, in fields and mountains. For generations, hunters of these fortunes have come close to discovering the bounties beneath their feet, but none has succeed. Clues and tattered maps have been passed down, from father to son.

And now word has spread that among the hoards of gold and gems, there is an orb of great power. Under which dragon, no one knows, but now the holiest of holy men are assembling small armies to hunt for and find this orb.

You’ve heard that a noble in the village, a rich old man named Bede, is gathering men to hunt for a hoard that is rumored to be located to the north. He has in his possession a map that will lead the men to the area where the hoard is said to be. Once there, they will need to search the land for evidence pointing to the hoard’s location. Bede’s map does not indicate whether or not the hoard is in a mountain or buried in the ground, but one thing’s for certain, the treasure is protected by beastly guards of all nature.


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